Good governance is about establishing efficient and effective oversight for businesses. It is also about developing processes for making and implementing decisions and identifying and managing risk. It is not about making ‘correct’ decisions, but about having the best possible framework for making those decisions. We are trained to help you create and maintain this framework.


We can conduct a governance analysis and make recommendations regarding appropriate legal framework, future planning, effective decision-making authority and processes, necessary policies and procedures, accountability and transparency and risk management.


 We can facilitate strategic planning, including formulation, implementation, and measurement of strategic priorities.

For those organizations who are governed by a Board of Directors, we can:

  •  Provide orientation and training to the members of your board on the respective roles and obligations of the board, the Chair, individual board members and committees, as well as guidance and instruction on conducting effective meetings and rules of procedure;
  • Assist with critical communication between the board and staff, including performance evaluation and compensation of the CEO or ED;
  • Assist with the conduct of your Annual General Meeting and, as Parliamentarian, provide oversight with respect to rules of procedure; and
  • Assist in Board succession planning, including preparation of a skills matrix and assist you in creating a recruitment strategy.