We can complete a workplace scorecard which assesses the overall health of the workplace in terms of culture, communication, accountability, engagement and productivity. We will provide meaningful feedback and help you implement action items.

We can undertake a workplace assessment in order to proactively identify any health and safety concerns or causes of existing conflict. The discoveries we make about the strengths, needs, opportunities and threats in the workplace will give your organization a clear idea of what is needed to improve harmony, meet objectives, and ensure a culture which demonstrates company values.  We will help you design and implement an action plan to resolve any issues identified, with a view of restoring workplace health, safety and harmony and, ideally, avoid the filing of formal and/or informal complaints.


As trained mediators, we can help your organization resolve any existing workplace conflict through respectful, confidential and transformative processes that lead to positive resolution and improved working relationships.

As trained workplace investigators, we can conduct neutral, fair, comprehensive and confidential investigations into any formal or informal workplace complaint and prepare a report that includes not only our findings, but recommendations to bring the matter to a conclusion and restore workplace harmony.